FEAR - There are so many different types of fear - the fear of being seen, the fear of trying new things, the fear of failing. We all experience fear in one way or another; for some of us it is situational but for some they may live with it daily. It can be crippling and it can mean missing out on so many wonderful experiences in life with the constant question of what if ....? How would my life be different if I had’ve .....?

Some people like to confront their fears and might do extreme things like jumping out of a plane to once and for all put fear in its rightful place. For others, it may be safer and less frightening to take baby steps and gradually inch forward.

If you had have told me even 6 months ago that I would be putting myself out there on video and social media to talk about my passion and purpose of supporting women, I would have thought you were nuts, but when you realise that if you don't take action steps to face your fears you will remain stuck in a life that isn't entirely what you want, that there are dreams inside you just bursting to come out - isn't it worth taking the chance?

Lisa Nichols, a wonderful and very successful American motivational speaker and writer in her talk "How to Turn Fear into Fuel" said something that really struck me and put fear into more of a perspective for me personally.  She said "Fear is an emotion like any other emotion. Fear is an emotion like love and compassion. Fear is an emotion - we just gave it more power!".

What is it that you REALLY want? What if you could take even one small step towards it today? How would that feel?  What do you have to lose?  Remember, it is the power that you give that emotion of fear, why don’t you give that power to an emotion that makes you feel so much better inside like LOVE and JOY?