Inspirational Speaking

Suzie is an expert in helping women identify and eliminate limiting self-beliefs and patterns that are not serving them, in order to live their best lives possible! Having trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy© under the mentorship of renowned UK psychotherapist, Marisa Peer, Suzie uses this amazing therapy not just as a tool in her role as a  therapist/mentor, but also with the knowledge she has gained on how the mind works and how we can use it to our advantage, through her inspirational speaking engagements.  

Suzie really understands and connects with women at a deep level. As a trained speaker using her warmth, wit and relatability, she finds so much joy in helping people really connect back to their inner self, recognise their own self-worth and value and assist them to create their best life possible! 

Whether it is addressing conferences, more intimate groups, facilitating workshops, acting as an MC or tailoring a specific speech for your business or company – Suzie inspiries others and shares her wisdom is her passion. 

Some of Suzie’s popular speaking topics include:

1.       The 3 rules of the mind – how mastering these WILL change your life.

By sharing these three rules of the mind in detail, Suzie will explain how they affect our daily lives and how we can recognise and challenge them when they arise.  The audience will walk away with their own set of tools to use these three rules to their advantage and watch their life change almost immediately!

2.       Finding your purpose – it may be easier than you think!

The audience will experience an amazing and life-changing Rapid Transformational Therapy session to help them identify their purpose.  Suzie shares a simple process that can be used in all areas of life to make radical transformations. 

3.       I am enough – a journey of self-discovery

The biggest roadblock to happiness for many women – not feeling “enough” in some way.   Lack of self-belief, esteem and/or confidence can stop us from attempting the things we really want in life and keep us stuck as a result causing anxiety and inner pain.  Through a life-changing Rapid Transformational Therapy session Suzie will help the audience to rediscover their inner worth and self-love that will flow on to all areas of their life and that they can even share with their loved ones.

Or she can tailor-make a talk to meet your specific needs.

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