Masterpiece in Progress

Do you have something that you REALLY want to do but find yourself constantly doubting or maybe self-sabotaging yourself whenever you attempt to move forward?

What is it that you want to achieve? A new career or starting your own business, attracting a loving relationship or perhaps improving your health and well-being.  We ALL have something deep inside of us that we want to succeed in.  It may be that you lack the confidence or you don't even know HOW to begin.

The intensive 5 week Masterpiece in Progress program is perfect if you have a specific goal in mind that you desperately want to achieve but feel something is stopping you from reaching it, almost keeping you in a holding pattern. 

This program supports you in discovering WHAT is blocking you, how to clear that block for once and for all and then provides you with the clarity on HOW put your plan into action.  You will be putting practical and achievable steps in place to bring that goal into a reality by the end of this program.

 It does not have to be a long process to be powerful and the results from this program are certainly that! 

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What's included in your Masterpiece in Progress program:

  • 5 x Personal weekly sessions (via Zoom)

  • Ongoing Facebook messaging support (if you have an urgent question or challenge to reach me directly)

  • Email coaching – once you sign up you will receive regular emails with supportive information.


One upfront payment of $975


4 weekly payments of $275 (totalling $1100)

"I met Suzie around the middle of 2017 during a very challenging time in my life  …   I think something inside me knew [her program] would have a great impact on my life - and it did!!  At the beginning of the month I was lacking in positive feelings about most areas of my life.  At the end of the month I could not believe the change in the way I felt about myself.  It is strange to look back and remember that I was so down on myself and my life - to the point of tears - and after the month with Suz I was charged with enthusiasm for living.  I was much more confident and happy in myself and looking forward to every day instead of dreading it  …  I totally recommend Suzie's program to anyone - whether you're going through some stuff or not.  I think each of us holds onto things that don't serve us - no matter how good or bad you think your life is, Suzie's program would be wonderful for anyone who is open to experiencing life on a better level.  So worth every cent.  Sheridan H

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