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The power of Rapid Transformational Therapy

WHY do we keep doing what we do when we know the outcome will not be what we truly want? 

Are you continually self-sabotaging yourself whether it is in your relationships, career or health?  Do you constantly watch other people having the success that you want in life but feel unable to even know where to start?   Or maybe you start taking steps towards your goal but then hit the PAUSE button and never get any further, in fact may even take two steps back? 

All these patterns can be due to negative self-beliefs and patterns that we have absorbed through our upbringing, events and environment which shape the way we live our lives.  They can hugely affect our self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief. 

They can manifest in different ways for different people such as anxiety, eating disorders, weight issues, ill-health, addictions, phobias, destructive relationships or money issues, as well as a crippling lack of self-confidence.

How would it feel to be free of whatever is keeping you stuck in this destructive pattern for once and for all? 


We can constantly try surface ways of making changes, such as going on diets, taking courses, etc, but a lot of these processes don’t have long term effects or can take forever to reach the desired outcome – WHY?  Because in order to CHANGE the behaviour, you need to DISCOVER what the root cause of it is.  Anything else is just a bandaid effect.  Once you uncover the CAUSE is when you can finally free yourself of it for once and for all!

Can you even imagine what that would feel like and HOW your life would be different?

RTT© is the PERFECT therapy for creating fast, effective and permanent change in your life so you can truly enjoy the NOW and create a new joy-filled and successful future for yourself. 

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Initial RTT session via Zoom Video Chat - $300 (which includes personalised recording for you to play for at least 21 days)

***Gold Coast location now open for in-person sessions.

Follow up RTT session - $175 (again with personalised recording)


"A very emotional soul searching experience delving into the past to uncover deeply entrenched recurring thoughts and events. The session was managed with extreme sensitivity and assurances creating an environment of trust and respect. It has given me more consciousness around reasons for taking and addressing certain actions and overall clarity for moving forward. An opportunity to delve into the past to free up the future. Suzie has a very gentle approach and uses her skills to bring long held feelings and situations to the surface.  Her care and attention throughout the session were exemplary. A true professional." Allison A

Already, after just one session I feel a miraculous change after a RTT session with Suzie. I am a happier person, enjoy my work day and feel confident in letting who I really am shine. This is a me freedom, a new life and Suzie has made this possible. Suzie made me feel very at ease during the session and is a wonderful person to speak with. I am forever grateful. Thank you xox”. Lowri Drakely