Stuck to Unstoppable!

I work with women who just know in their heart and soul that they are here on the planet, at this particular time for a reason. 

They know that they are here to do something special and with that knowing at times can come a lot of soul-searching to find out what IT is and what their place in the world is.

I know personally that I came to a point where I knew that there was more to my life than the way I was living it.  I was constantly searching OUTSIDE of myself through doing numerous courses and study, trying different types of coaching, reading constantly, whatever I could, to find out what “it” was.  It was at times a painful and frustrating journey because I felt like it was constantly eluding me, that I was missing a really important key to unlocking my purpose and inner joy.

It wasn’t until I finally discovered that all the answers were already INSIDE me, that I just needed a way of uncovering them that I truly discovered the power I possessed.  Now I know my own purpose and reason for being is to share this wisdom with other women, help them discover what is already inside of them – and with that comes success, freedom, peace and joy!

This is NOT a one-sized fits all program because we are all individual – it is tailored to YOUR specific needs.  It an intensive, exciting journey as together we peel back the layers to uncover WHAT it is that brings you joy, how to challenge/smash the negative patterns/self-beliefs that may have held you back in the past and put an exciting plan into place to design your life exactly the way you want it to look.  With any transformation comes change and I support you through the changes to make the process more comfortable and less daunting. 

This is an amazing and life-changing process that you DESERVE to experience.  The journey of discovering yourself, with your own unique power, gifts and place in the world!

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What's included in your Stuck to Unstoppable program:

•             7 x Personal fortnightly sessions (via Zoom)

•             Facebook messaging support (if you have an urgent challenge or question to reach me directly).

•             Email coaching –  regular emails with support info, coaching and homework.

•             Private Facebook Group for support, accountability and sharing.

•             Connect via weekly group video sessions to discuss any issues that may arise.


One upfront payment of $2,975


3 monthly payments of $1,100 (totalling $3,300)

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"Before I encountered Suz, I had a huge dream. Deep inside I knew it was possible but I was acting to the contrary. I was close to despair and angry with myself. I was stuck. I saw Suz's message, reaching out to women in overwhelm, offering her considerable talents and abilities as a coach/mentor. I made contact with her immediately. Since working with Suz, I've made huge inroads into achieving my dream. She helped me understand the source of my inability to act on my intentions. She used very effective RTT sessions to remove beliefs and blocks that did not serve me. Suz also assisted me in a plethora of practical ways. She sourced written and audio-visual materials relevant to my needs. Also, she assisted me scheduling and committing to timelines; making me accountable to myself for the pursuit of my dream. Suz also used her considerable network of business contacts to assist me to locate people with the requisite skills to help bring my project to fruition.

Last, but certainly not least, the knowledge that there was another person on my team, who enthusiastically and unreservedly supported me in every possible way, was a boon of incalculable value. I wholeheartedly recommend Suz, and the considerable resources which she possesses, to any woman with a dream."  - Therese Bartolo