Juan Carlzon, Thailand

I have struggled with anxiety and low confidence issues since before my teen years. This made me an insecure and sometimes ill-tempered person. After seeing the huge positive impact that working with Suzie had on my wife, I decided to overcome a long list of objections I made up to myself, and have a try of RTT for the first time. I have always been a sceptic about quick results and fast fixes but man, I was seriously wrong. In the 30 days from my initial session with Suzie I experienced more positive changes than I had in over 20 years of different types of therapy and coaching combined together. My confidence is at the healthiest of level (I haven’t become overly arrogant or anything like that!). My thoughts are clearer and I am in the driver’s seat of my mind. I don’t run from the past anymore and have stopped dreading the future. My temperament is more centred and I have a wider perspective on things that I would have considered extremely annoying before. I feel good about myself, and when I don’t feel so good, I can change it!

I would suggest the anyone that has an incline to improve their life should try RTT. Not only if you have what could be considered big issues, but even if you just want to reach that next level as a person. RTT can be an incredible boost to get there. Suzie’s kindness and acceptance is second to none. I felt completely safe and looked after at all times. This has been my first experience having RTT with Suzie, but it won’t be the last. Now that I know the level of impact RTT can have, there are other areas in my life that can, and will benefit for the same positive. So I will be coming back for more!

Dawn Curzon

I received an RTT session from the beautiful Suz De Jonge 2 weeks ago regarding imposter syndrome, which I’ve struggled with most of my life. I’d trained in the profession I chose and was technically and professionally ready, however I was putting off starting my business because I felt “I wasn’t good enough” and every time I thought of taking on a client I felt immense fear. I no longer have those feelings and have now booked in four clients. RTT rocks and so do you Suz! Thank you soooo much, you are a gem

Kym W -

Over many years, I have tried various professional techniques for releasing emotions and behaviours that were not conducive to a fulfilling life. Although some of these techniques/modalities did work to some level, I still wasn’t able to lead the fulfilling life I so desired. I actually got to the point where I gave up as nothing seemed to work at the subconscious level that I required, to be able to let go, release and move on. 

Recently, a friend recommended RTT. Initially, I was a little hesitant as I had tried so many modalities in the past. I decided to research practitioners before I made my decision to proceed with an appointment. When I came upon Suzie, something felt so incredibly right.

I’ve now had multiple sessions with Suzie and I can genuinely and honestly testify that Suzie’s unique ability to work with RTT has been such an empowering experience. My sessions with Suzie have propelled me forward; forward into the fulfilling life that I have chased for many years which has allowed me to feel a sense of freedom.

Suzie demonstrated to me that she is a non-judgemental confidant whom I felt very comfortable with divulging my most inner thoughts and fears. I am excited to be working with Suzie, now and in the future.

Lowri Drakley, UK

Already, after just one session I feel a miraculous change after a RTT session with Suzie. I am a happier person, enjoy my work day and feel confident in letting who I really am shine. This is a me freedom, a new life and Suzie has made this possible. Suzie made me feel very at ease during the session and is a wonderful person to speak with. I am forever grateful. Thank you xox”.

Sheridan Holmes

"I met Suzie around the middle of 2017 during a very challenging time in my life  …   I think something inside me knew [her program] would have a great impact on my life - and it did!!  At the beginning of the month I was lacking in positive feelings about most areas of my life.  At the end of the month I could not believe the change in the way I felt about myself.  It is strange to look back and remember that I was so down on myself and my life - to the point of tears - and after the month with Suz I was charged with enthusiasm for living.  I was much more confident and happy in myself and looking forward to every day instead of dreading it  …  I totally recommend Suzie's program to anyone - whether you're going through some stuff or not.  I think each of us holds onto things that don't serve us - no matter how good or bad you think your life is, Suzie's program would be wonderful for anyone who is open to experiencing life on a better level.  So worth every cent.  

Alyson B - 

"Before working with Suzie, I felt like a leaf in the wind, not able to speak up for myself, avoiding confrontation and trying to keep everyone happy. Everyone that was but me, so I was overburdened and anxious.  Working with Suzie I gained an increase in self-confidence and more resilience. 

The main shift for me was being able to speak up and voice my point of view, to not be swayed by pleasing others so much.  She was a constant source of support for me and so accommodating and supportive.  I would definitely recommend working with her to others".

Therese Bartolo - 

"Before I encountered Suz, I had a huge dream. Deep inside I knew it was possible but I was acting to the contrary. I was close to despair and angry with myself. I was stuck. I saw Suz's message, reaching out to women in overwhelm, offering her considerable talents and abilities as a coach/mentor. I made contact with her immediately. Since working with Suz, I've made huge inroads into achieving my dream. She helped me understand the source of my inability to act on my intentions. She used very effective RTT sessions to remove beliefs and blocks that did not serve me. Suz also assisted me in a plethora of practical ways. She sourced written and audio-visual materials relevant to my needs. Also, she assisted me scheduling and committing to timelines; making me accountable to myself for the pursuit of my dream. Suz also used her considerable network of business contacts to assist me to locate people with the requisite skills to help bring my project to fruition.

Last, but certainly not least, the knowledge that there was another person on my team, who enthusiastically and unreservedly supported me in every possible way, was a boon of incalculable value. I wholeheartedly recommend Suz, and the considerable resources which she possesses, to any woman with a dream."

Sunaina - 

“I have had two RTT sessions with Suz de Jonge and they have been absolutely AHMAZING. Suz has this amazing way of gently guiding you to your truth, holding a space that feels so safe to express, she is non-judgmental and her beautiful soul shines through her work.

Thank you Suz, the world awaits your healing...”

Carmen R - 

"Suz is a great RTT therapist. She helped me with a very difficult family issue I had for years. The session was very emotional and it made a remarkable great change in my life. I am very thankful for her ability to help me overcome this problem through this method. I highly recommend her."

Kylie B - 

"Suzie has been fantastic at supporting and enriching my life. I've been amazed at how much she has helped me already and I'm once again excited to see where my journey in life is headed."

Alison D - 

"A very emotional soul searching experience delving into the past to uncover deeply entrenched recurring thoughts and events. The session was managed with extreme sensitivity and assurances creating an environment of trust and respect. It has given me more consciousness around reasons for taking and addressing certain actions and overall clarity for moving forward. An opportunity to delve into the past to free up the future. Suzie has a very gentle approach and uses her skills to bring long held feelings and situations to the surface.  Her care and attention throughout the session were exemplary. A true professional."

Bianca McGuire

Suz de Jonge is a lovely lady. I felt safe and relaxed with her and the session she did with me was amazing. The recording I listen to everyday is a pleasure and leaves me feeling like a relaxed superwoman. Thank you Suz.