Masterpiece in Progress Episode 7

MENOPAUSE – FROM DREAD TO EMPOWERMENT – “menopause” one word that sums up so much about being a woman of a certain age.  It is a time when we can feel like we have our own temperature zone, may notice that we are a bit curvier than we used to be or perhaps toss and turn all night.  But how much do you really know about menopause?

In this episode I have a frank chat with Mona Hecke, queen of all things natural and the face behind Aussie Health Girl, as we shine a light on menopause.  We discuss important things you can do to take responsibility for your own journey through menopause, as well as some natural alternatives to help with super important things like improving your libido and energy levels (you don’t want to miss that!).  Be in the driver seat of your own health and enjoy, not dread, this amazing period of our lives as women.